*****   SX-64 BASIC V2.0  *****

64K   RAM   SYSTEM         38911   BASIC   BYTES   FREE



Dedicated to preserving Commodore eight-bit documentation in electronic text format

64Copy Central
64COPY is an all-purpose DOS and C64 emulator file manager.

The LOADSTAR Library
Loadstar Monthly Disk Magazine for the Commodore 64 began in 1984 and continued to 2007.

Commodore Computer Club USA
Vancouver, WA - Portland, OR - PDX Commodore Users Group

Ray Carlsen's Library
Ray's new website

SX-64 Ultra Reset
It uses the drive reset button to allow you to perform multiple functions, including resetting the computer, changing drive numbers, and even changing ROM sets!

JiffyDOS is a Disk Operating System (DOS) enhancement which gives your C-64 or C-128 the disk access speed it has always needed.

Deluxe SD2IEC
1541 Floppy Drive Emulation for Commodore Computers, Cased with Diskswap,Reset/Root buttons.

I/O board Cartridge Port Fix
This is Ray Carlson's fix.

UserPort cut the trace Fix
Another of Ray Carlson's fixes.

SX64 Man Video
Commodore SX-64 Retro Tube LED and other Mods tour.

File Downloads at Zimmers.net
Commodore 8-bit file area at ftp.zimmers.net!

unusedinode web site
Great site for images, technical info, etc.

The Pictorial C64 Fault Guide
Picture-oriented guide for diagnosing issues with Commodore 64 computers.

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