> I have just acquired an SX-64 but I did not get a keyboard cable for it.  Does anyone have one they can sell me or know where I can get one?  I have lots of other Commodore equipment I am willing to trade.

Ok heres the skivee....   the connectors on the SX64 are STANDARD d-sub 25 connectors...  the same as used worldwide on an IBM.
What you need is a DB25 Male to Male cable that is wired "straight thru" Jameco part # 65787  for $ 4.49  http://www.jameco.com and I'm sure Radio Hack has them too.

All you need to do is shave the "ears" off of the end that plugs into the SX64 to fit the hole  (the keyboard side is not a problem)  so it can be inserted.  Ideally a "flat ribbon" type cable with all plastic connectors would be best for ease of shaving the ears, and flexibility...  most of the DB25 cables are pretty stiff to use as a keyboard cable on the SX64

OK... if you REALLY want to get techno, the original cable has the pins below removed from its connectors.  I doubt there is any signal on the SX connector to worry about but you can use a pair of needle nose to snap off these pins anyway.  ( I think they were removed from the original cable so as it could not be used any where else, because the matching pins are removed at both ends of the cable

Looking at pins on plug

   o  X  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o
     o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  X

(remove the X pins)